2020…. a year with a twist, to say the least!

2020…. a year with a twist, to say the least!

2020…. a year with a twist, to say the least!

History in the making, patience, and resilience plus many other lessons have been learnt since the pandemic occurred in March.

I would like to begin by saying, I am incredibly proud of my team who have worked tirelessly and safely to keep our practice running efficiently and keeping all build projects moving at great pace during the unprecedented times of 2020.  

Throughout the year we have seen an incredible range of exciting projects, working with some of the ‘best in the business’ within the planning, development, and construction sectors.  

The practice has enjoyed a couple of significant staff appointments and an exceptionally well-deserved promotion for a key member of our team.   

We continue to be nominated for some incredibly prestigious architectural awards and in November, we celebrated a market-leading accolade win for ‘Barn Conversions in Essex”.  

MP Architects LLP would like to express our sincere thanks for the loyalty and goodwill of our customers, friends, suppliers, and acquaintances in 2020.  We are all excited by the opportunities within the local community that lie ahead for us in 2021. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, whatever tier you find yourself in and may your holiday season be filled with laughter, joy, and peace.   

Wishing you happiness and well-being for a prosperous New Year.  

Best wishes and stay safe.

Martyn Pattie 

Our Christmas Opening Hours 

Thursday 24th December – Closing at 12.00 pm

Friday 25th December – Office Closed

Monday 28th December – Office Closed

Tuesday 29th December – Office Closed 

Wednesday 30th December – Office Closed 

Thursday 31st December – Office Closed 

Friday 1st January – Office Closed

Office re-opening on Monday 4 January 2021

The perfect home office during this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Working from home is a dream for some people and a nightmare for others.  We all love spending time with our family and our loves ones, but when it comes to spending 24hrs endlessly, we soon need a designated home office to “keep calm and carry on”.

Many say that after this pandemic, the world will rethink about the traditional office environments and for many businesses working from home may become the future.

What is a good home office?

A good home office should provide you with minimal distractions and ensure peak efficiency.  The following elements are important to achieve:

  • Natural light. The most important element to have in an office, natural lights keep us feeling positive, healthy, and focused.  
  • Safety. A place to keep your documents and equipment safe from the weather or potential break-in. 
  • Privacy. Minimal distraction from noise and any public activities around you to work efficiently. Best to separate work from home life. 
  • Equipment.  Computer, software and fast internet connection with the right size screen that doesn’t strain your eye.

How to convert or build a home office under Permitted Development?

Loft Conversion

If you have an unused existing loft space that is tall enough to be converted into a room, then you may be eligible to add dormers and convert it under permitted development. Subject to the conditions of your original house.

Loft conversions are great investments to your property and can bring endless flexible uses to your homes, such as home office, music room, and kids bedroom, etc.  It is a perfect space for privacy in the house, nothing better than having a whole floor to yourself.

M P Architects carry out many loft conversions every year from planning through to construction.  Contact us for examples of our portfolio. 

Garage Conversion

If you have an attached or detached garage you can most likely convert it to a habitable room under permitted development.  It is a great location for a home office, as it’s close to the front door and most likely a good view out to the street.  

A Garden Home Office

You can build an outbuilding in the garden up to a certain size under Permitted Development. There are strict guidelines to follow when design under Permitted Developments.  However, it is a perfect place to have a home office. It physically and mentally detaches you from your home life and will guarantee maximum privacy. 

Juliette Balcony for the bedroom

If your home doesn’t have spaces to convert or build new rooms, and you just wish to have more privacy and a better environment to work.  Why not consider changing one or two of your windows to a Juliette balcony? It will give you more natural light, better views and most importantly access to the outside world without leaving your bedroom.

Soundproofing your existing house or just to a single room is also an option to improve productivity at home.    Our experienced team of architects have a wealth knowledge of lastest soundproofing materials for your home in a cost-effectively way.  

Please note, sometimes permitted development rights are removed from some properties, particularly if you live on a new housing development, listed building or in a conservation area.  Contact us to discuss whether your development falls under permitted development and whether we can help you achieve planning if it does not.

We look forward to helping you

Our office is open and our team of experienced architects are working from home 9-5 picking up emails and phone calls.  We are equipped with digital conference call facilities such as Zoom, Facetime and WhatsApp, etc to meet you during this period if required. 

Why not give us a call to discuss your dream development and see how we can help you to future-proof your home.