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Martyn Pattie Architects and Designers are experienced in all aspects of residential design and pay particular attention to the "sellable" features", floor areas, and layouts to maximise the efficiency of a layout and allow a profitable development return for our commercial clients.

For clients wishing to have a "Grand Designs" individual type home, where spatial design and architectural features are important, we provide a bespoke design service. Working closely with you we will take into account, your aspirations, needs and budget to deliver a dream home that sits well on your intended site.

As one of the leading residential architects in Essex, the practice has always been committed to protecting the environment and we work closely with sustainable energy consultants in the design of developments, to reduce the carbon footprints of new buildings by utilising renewable energies and efficient construction design. We are particularly proud of the zero carbon rated house which we  designed and which can be seen on this website and are always excited to explore innovate design ideas with our clients.

Whether it is a single dwelling that is required, or multiple housing, we can meet your needs, either by design only, or construction working drawings on a Design Build project. We also carry out initial site feasibility studies to ascertain the viability of a site before purchase and give you that reassurance you need to invest in your scheme and to proceed with confidence.

We are proud to have worked with many large corporations on residential housing projects including the following.

Our commercial clients include:

  • Kingfisher Trading Co.
  • Churchill Estates
  • Woodcote Homes
  • Knighton Homes
  • Stonebond Ltd
  • Laings
  • Persimmon Homes
  • Dunward Properties
  • Colony Developments
  • Higgins Homes
  • Viewplace Ltd
  • Desper Developments
  • Pagepart Ltd
  • Viewplace Ltd

Initial consultations are always free.

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