Appeals_New Houses


All is not lost if your planning application is refused! You do have the right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate. Your appeal will be dealt with by the practice partner or another one of our associates who are a skilled professional with experience of the appeals system.

The appeal process is not straightforward and it is difficult to predict an outcome. To ensure the best possible chances of success we spend time carefully analysing all aspects of the reason for refusal, and gathering as much relevant information as possible in order to put forward an informed and skilled argument for an overturn of the planning officer’s decision.

We are pleased that we are can say that we have a very high success rate with the cases we have submitted to appeal.  Our success rate would be even greater if we took out of the equation the appeals that we have put forward for clients who have wished to have a go, even though the probability of them winning was negligible.

Our fees are very competitive and we can agree fixed fees for most appeals or, in occasional cases, an ‘all or nothing’ fee, where we feel there is a reasonable chance of success and the client doesn’t want to incur any additional fees until the approval adds value to the project.

M P Architects LLP is always happy to give a free appraisal of your project and a candid assessment of the chances of success on your appeal.