Interior Design

Interior Design

A Collaborative Approach to Interior Design in Essex and London

When it comes to London interior design firms, a collaborative approach is needed. excellent quality is important to the architects at Martyn Pattie.  Our architects always look at the shell and the internal layout of a building or internal space within the building, in conjunction to ensure that there is synergy between the two elements.

Whether we are drawing up plans for a new build house, a residential extension, or a block of commercial flats or offices, it is important to us that the design of your building is made up of spaces that are functional to your needs and reflect your personality or business brand (or that of the targeted end user).

Interior Design Companies in London – A contemporary office suite designed by Martyn Pattie Architects

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The process of interior design can be considered as two elements.

Firstly the consideration of spatial volume:

As part of our interior design services our London architect will consider elements such as; where walls are positioned, the height of ceilings, size of windows and how light is deployed.  He will factor in lifestyle elements such as disability, hobbies and personal preferences.  It may be that a statement staircase is desired for a new build house, or a developer wishes to build commercial flats and market them as residential homes for retired or disabled people.  A barn conversion may be undertaken where the client wishes the original features to remain.  When considering the spatial volume, a qualified chartered architect is trained and qualified to comment on such things as planning rules and regulations as well as building construction details, rules and safety regulations.

Examples of  design work by Martyn Pattie Chartered Architects and Designers

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Secondly, the surface treatment – the finishing touches

Here the full vision of our client is brought to life. This is where focus turns to the decor, ambient lighting, fabrics and furnishings.

For some of our clients this is the fun bit, others  like to have some help.   If you require interior design in Essex or London, contact one of our advisors today!

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