A RIBA commercial design architect will maximise the potential of your business premises

A RIBA commercial design architect is the first choice for many business investors, when embarking on a new business venture, or upgrading and updating existing commercial premises.  However, for the relationship to work well, the practice should have experience in the commercial design sector.  The  portfolio of commercial architects based near London, Martyn Pattie Architects and Designers, demonstrates the practice's expertise in the commercial sector.  Their projects include office buildings, schools, warehouse buildings as well as commercial apartment blocks.

Great communication is paramount to the effective conclusion of a commercial design project -  not just with the client - as  many agencies can be involved in the project and need to be kept fully briefed.   So, not only will you need a competent designer, you will want your chosen practice to show considerable skill in communicating.  Martyn Pattie Architects and Designers - takes care to offer a very personal service, whether they are involved just in the initial planning or managing the whole project.  They know it is important for an architect to  correctly understand the investor’s vision to avoid costly mistakes.  This is achieved by working closely with their clients; having a thorough careful and detailed first meeting so that an accurate proposal proposal is put forward.  One that maximises the amount of proposed space without compromising functionality and design.  Often, a 3D visualisation is utilised so that  clients can be sure their vision will work as a project, and what they have in mind is reflected in the drawings.

A commercial architect should also take care to incorporate brand identity and the needs of the end users.  Through careful analysis and design functionality they will also retain the structural integrity of the exiting building, safety and accessibility.

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