Make the most of your office space

The quality of a working environment can have a considerable impact on the productivity of employees.   At Martyn Pattie, we know that each year employees spend a lot of time in the office and that a well planned work environment will  contribute towards greater productivity.   To achieve a harmonious work space we look at many factors, some of which are:

Adequate Natural Light: Large windows in the office space will allow ample amount of natural light to enter.

No Distraction: Keep the office space far from areas of excess noise, so that employees can focus.

Privacy of the Employee: Furnish the working area with translucent glass (30%), and enable the employees to have privacy while they can still enjoy the natural light.

We understand that, due to various constraints, it is not possible to bring all the key factors of good office design to  every office space but our experience in office design allows us to plan your location and make it the best it can be for you and your employees. Our experienced team of well-qualified architectural staff, have a broad range of expertise in areas such as 3D modeling and project management to support our commerical office and interior design services.

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