New Homes and Replacement Dwellings

Recent Planning Portal data showed that local authorities in England received 111,700 applications for planning permission, up 11% higher than the corresponding quarter of 2019.  

Building your own home under the ‘replacement dwelling ‘policy is a great way to achieve your dream home, however, designing and applying to do this can be a complex process and professional advice may be required. 

As experts in the design of replacement dwellings, MP Architects LLP has seen a huge rise in planning applications projects of this type in the last year. 

Planning policies generally support the replacement of existing dwellings, but there can be drawbacks that you need to be aware of before considering this option for a new home. 

The main benefit of this approach in planning permission terms is that the residential use of the site is already established and so in principle, the replacement dwelling policy is generally acceptable. However, the extent of what can be achieved must to consider policy constraints on the land such as, green belt rules and ecology concerns such as local wildlife, animal habitats, and trees. 

This week we secured planning approval from Brentwood Borough Council for a 7500 sq. ft. replacement dwelling within Shenfield, Essex an area of architectural special interest to us. 

We were approached by our client, to design a replacement family dwelling for a large plot on the prestigious Hutton Mount Estate.  

Our design incorporated the key features found in many of the local dwellings. A contemporary style home, arranged over three floors, set back projections, and a mix of stunning brickwork and stone finishes. This house has been created with elegant glazing so that all rooms benefit from the flow of natural light. 

The client was keen to preserve all the trees on the plot to retain neighbour privacy and to comply with ecology planning conditions. 

Building work is due to commence soon and we look forward to seeing the project completed in the summer of 2022. 

Author : Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP