Celebrating 36 Years of Business

The end of this week marks 36 years since I started my own Architectural practice in Ongar.

MP Architects LLP was set up by me Martyn Pattie, working alone above my garage with just my cat for company. 

I have incredibly fond memories of the days when I attended every site visit personally and completed all of the drawings by hand. I was in charge of the photocopying and filing, catching the post at 5.45 pm every evening, and making my own coffee! 

I have seen huge and positive progress in the world of Architecture over this time. Housing design will always evolve, technology will continue to improve our efficiency and enable us to be more precise. Land will become less available encouraging us to stretch our skills and minds to deliver better housing solutions whilst incorporating the necessity for a focus on sustainability and the environment.

The years of hard work and determination have paid off. I now have a wonderful business that has moved to larger premises several times and grown from strength the strength.

My team of brilliant staff have helped make our award winning practice a great success and a truly good place to work. We will continue to deliver outstanding Architectural Services to the local Ongar community and beyond.

Lots of development and positive change. A growing team and more cats have joined us for the journey…. plus, I still make the coffee!

Martyn Pattie

Author : Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP https://www.martynpattie.co.uk/news/