The benefits of a bungalow living

The benefits of a bungalow living

There are very few bungalows being built these days, but that said Essex does have its fair share of single-storey homes. 

Often set on a wider plot of land and commonly thought of as being more suited to the elderly, owning a bungalow can have many benefits for all types of homeowners, especially when considering it for a home extension and development project. 

Whilst a single-storey home means no stairs to negotiate and the potential to have bedrooms with garden access, the change in permitted development rules means that converting a bungalow into a two-storey larger family home can be quick and easily achievable. 

MP Architects LLP are experts at converting bungalows in Essex to bigger and better family homes, in a speedy and affordable way. 

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We Are Hiring – Associate Level Senior Architect

MP Architects LLP is an award-winning, Essex-based practice established in 1985 by Martyn Pattie, that is committed to producing exceptional architecture and delivering outstanding customer services. We deliver a large range of architectural services with a specific focus on domestic residential conversions, barn conversions, listed buildings and new build projects.

MP Architects LLP are expanding our team and creating an opportunity for an Associate Level Senior Chartered Qualified Architect to join our talented team in Ongar, Essex. Working with our experienced team in a client-facing role, you will find this position to be both challenging and varied, with potential for personal advancement and an opportunity to become an integral part of our senior management team and the future running of the practice.  This opportunity is likely to suit a successful Senior Chartered Architect, looking for their next career step with further management responsibility or a current Associate Director who is unfulfilled in their present role.

We are looking for someone who has:

– over 10 years as a Qualified Chartered Architect to provide high quality day-to-day support to the Practice.

– experience in a similar role and must demonstrate a past history of delivering on similar UK projects.

– relevant qualifications, ARB registered and be eligible to work in the UK.

– the ability to make strategic decisions and be eager to find opportunities to contribute to the development of the practice.

– the ability to be reliable and committed to the demands of the role with a personable, enthusiastic, and pro-active attitude.

– the ability to be able to collaborate with and manage multidisciplinary teams

– exceptional design and building construction skills on domestic residential conversions and new build projects.

– a high level of ability to carry out feasibility studies, design proposals, and construction detailing as well as the running of construction projects on site.

– the ability to demonstrate experience of all RIBA project stages, administration of contracts, and management of small and large-scale developments.

– management skills to show credibility as well as being an enthusiastic communicator, you’ll be highly effective at both written and verbal communication with experience of developing working relationships.  

– excellent communication skills with the ability to lead and liaise with the clients and external consultants, attending design team meetings, and ensure that the design projects are on schedule and in budget.

– proficiency with Revit, Auto CAD, InDesign and experience working with an Architectural database.

The position is full-time, and we will provide a competitive salary based on skills and experience.

If this opportunity is of interest please submit your CV and portfolio of work with a cover letter detailing your expected salary and notice period to:

Happy Easter

The Easter Bank Holiday is the perfect opportunity to spend more time in our homes and gardens and consider how to make them work best. 

A declutter, and reorganise can make us all feel better, however, would a remodel and or extension make your home a better version of itself? Billions of pounds have been spent in the UK on home improvements since the start of 2021. With nearly 50% of UK homeowners planning home development projects this year, this booming economy is showing no signs of slowing down. 

MP Architects LLP has a proven track record to support every aspect of your project. We know that permitted development rules, pre apps, and planning applications can be daunting, however with our assistance, you can expect a simple, slick, and stress-free process. 

We will assist you with our wealth of local authority knowledge, advising on what does and doesn’t need planning permission, along with any building regulations you may be facing. Dependent upon your preference, budget, and timeframe our RIBA Accredited Chartered Architects offer partial support or a full ‘concept to completion service, managing on-site and covering all the RIBA stages. 

So, whilst relaxation and hot cross buns are important factors of an Easter bank holiday weekend, could a discussion around your next ‘home development project’ also be?! We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Easter.

Author : Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP

Contrasting Home Extensions

A modern design or an urban update on a traditional home might not be your first thought when considering at extension. However, we think a contrasting creation can be a terrific addition. 

The range of stylish extensions available is now larger than ever. There is no rule book to say that extensions must match the building they are being added to. It can be a master stroke to design an extension in complete contrast to the original house, using a selection of different and stunning materials.

Dandi Passerini recently created a stunning glass extension to be added to a listed building and family home. The lightweight aluminium metal and glazed doors give an abundance of natural light and panoramic views of the beautiful garden. 

Kate Murray designed this featured extension to specifically stand out in style between the original home and the new structure.  

These stunning designs lend themselves to both sections of the house whilst also standing out architecturally. 





Going Underground – Basements

When extra space is needed in your home, adding a basement is worth consideration.

The development of a basement can create a fantastic amount of extra living space, add substantial market value to your home and revitalise a tired property.  This type of extension can also reduce the visual impact of overextension on a property that can look ugly and reduce ‘kerb appeal’.

In the last 15 years, basements have become a popular home development option amongst urban areas that face the difficulty of above ground extensions, due to size constraints or indeed green belt regulations.

Remodelling an existing cellar or excavating underneath your property is an excellent way of obtaining more room, and can be a wonderful addition to larger suburban properties for the habitation of luxury home features. 

An impressive underground space gives the homeowner several exciting opportunities for use.  A home office, cinema room, wine cellar, library, home gym, entertainment area, utility room, and in some cases if the level of natural light allows an extra bedroom or living suite.

If you are considering converting an existing residential cellar or basement into a better living space, you will benefit from using a qualified Architect. An Architect will provide clear and concise technical design, that includes options for guaranteed structural waterproofing and ventilation.  

Excavating a new basement does involve major construction work and almost certainly will require planning permission from your local council. In some cases, we have been able to carry out basement excavation under permitted development rights, but again a qualified Architect like us can advise you how best to navigate the building and design regulations with your local authority to suit your project accordingly.  

Maybe you are contemplating a basement for your home development plans. If so, it is important to appoint a qualified Architectural team with experience in this field. MP Architects LLP can guide you through the design and planning permission process swiftly.   

We are also available to manage the concept, construction, and completion of your project.  

Author : Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP

Tom Wiffen – Securing the Green Light for Green Belt Home Development

Being situated in the heart of the Essex countryside, we are often approached on how to secure planning permission for properties on Green Belt land.

In 2021, planning applications to build an additional 35,000 homes on UK Green Belts were submitted.

Obtaining planning permission on Green Belt land can be difficult, however, tapping into the expertise and knowledge of a local Architect means it is not impossible.

Of course, it is quite rare that you would see a new housing development pop up on Green Belt land however, contrary to what most homeowners think, Green Belt wasn’t designed to stop all development, but for the most part used as a rule to limit the urban sprawl and protect our green and pleasant land.

In a recent project, our Architectural Designer – Tom Wiffen, supported a client who inherited a neglected bungalow within the Green Belt District of Epping Forest, with the desire to transform this property into a larger family home.

Bungalows are seen as a protected category within EFDC and therefore this challenging project required professional help to succeed in planning. Thankfully, this bungalow had not been extended beyond its original footprint. Historically, councils will allow 40-50% extension over the original volume in planning terms. This meant in order to achieve the client’s vision, we had to further explore what was also achievable under permitted development rules.

With the first application, we submitted a prior approval application for a first floor above the original footprint of the bungalow. This is a new rule that the government introduced to allow homeowners to further extend and improve their property. There are strict rules that must be adhered to, to gain consent and an extended criteria that must be met.

A second application was also submitted under permitted development for the construction of a single-storey side and two single-storey rear extensions providing additional ground floor living space for this growing family.  Within the application, we included in the agreement that the materials for all extensions would match the existing property and include the same roof pitch.

After a rapid 4-month start-to-end process between Epping Forest District Council and the successful navigation of the planning rules and regulations by MP Architects LLP, permission has been granted to transform this property and more than double its original size.

When the project is completed this summer, our client will be living in a beautiful family home, nestled within stunning Green Belt land.  

Successfully transforming a tired bungalow into a wonderful place to live with space and luxury living for everyone.

Approaching your project with an experienced Architect that can easily navigate the rules, helps you gain permission to make sensible additions to your home or to replace it with something suitably larger on Green Belt land.

By working with us, obtaining planning permission for your Green Belt land can be easier and quicker than you think.

Author : Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP

Beautiful Barn Conversion

Breathtakingly Beautiful Barn Conversion And Astonishing Artefacts.  

Our Senior Architect, Dandi Passerini was thrilled to receive planning consent at the end of 2021 to convert an existing barn, occupying over 7 acres of delightful Essex land into two independent dwellings.  

The current property offered the new homeowners an exciting opportunity to transform and extend the dwelling and create two stunning family homes. 

Following thorough preparation, beautiful design, and two pre-application meetings with the planning and conservation officers at Brentwood Borough Council, Dandi submitted a precise and detailed planning application.   

Comprehensive research and reporting were requested before building could commence. 

A conditional Archaeology study made the exciting discovery of rare pieces of medieval potteries on-site. These astonishing artefacts were carefully excavated by a team of professional Archaeologists and forwarded to a local museum for public display.    

Dandi’s meticulous attention to detail and her expertise in architectural design enabled the property to be split into two beautiful homes, with the exact area measurements in each home.   

We are incredibly excited to see this project completed and the client’s vision of co-living, separately coming to life.  

Author : Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP





Rising to the challenge

Creating a single-storey rear extension and the demolition of the existing garage on this job has had some challenges. We were initially commissioned to prepare the construction drawings and submit a building regulations application to private building control. This project is being built on a public drain, originally using a separate drainage company. Unfortunately, this approach was unsuccessful and MP Architects LLP’s Navid Hamzeheinejad was recommissioned to submit a ‘Build Over Agreement’ to Anglian Water. We proposed to replace the existing drainage pipe with clay and provide a manhole on the side of the extension for access and maintenance. Anglian Water accepted the new suggestion and have approved our application resulting in substantial cost savings for our client and the project is moving forward again. 





Author : Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP

Delivering for Developers

Martyn Pattie and MP Architects LLP have been delivering outstanding Architectural design to our local Essex community for over 35 years. We know that finding the right Architect for your development project is the foundation of its success.  

As an established local provider of exceptional Architectural design to the Essex Community, it is a daily occurrence for our team to pass completed historical projects when enroute to a new job or site visit.  

Last week, whilst heading to a client appointment, Kate Murray took advantage of the beautiful blue sky to take some snaps of one of her past projects. The ‘change of use’ brownfield site occupying a small timber yard, into three delightful, four-bed detached homes.  

This job came with a number of challenges.  Firstly an inherited project from an alternative Architect back in 2013, add into the mix, a ‘Change of Use’ application, Green Belt restrictions, navigating the complexities of brownfield land development, a previous planning refusal for the request of an unrealistic development, more new plans and further revisions, Kate certainly had her work cut out and a long process ahead of her on this one.  

However, working in partnership with her clients, demonstrating expertise, resilience, and determination she pushed this project over the finish line and onto the market.  

Kate Commented “After a long journey, these glorious pictures I captured last week show all three houses looking established, sold, and occupied, giving me a real sense of achievement.” 

If you have an unfinished housing development project that has hit a stumbling block, we are the specialists that can help you see it through to completion. 






Author : Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP

Author: Jessica Parkes, Read more articles for MP Architects LLP

Our People Speak Your Language

As the world is becoming more accessible the demand for diverse Architectural design experts continues to grow.

We pride ourselves on ‘our people’ being made up of a strong multilingual team, who can communicate effectively in a range of languages and cultures.

Whilst we recognise that English is seen as the global dialect, others are rapidly growing in importance.

We believe that our Essex-based team of Architectural staff represents the community we serve and that our staff diversity gives us the edge to communicate better with our multinational clients.  

You can be assured that we confidently understand many cultures and living behaviours that may underpin the Architectural design process for your home or next development project.

Our staff are an asset to us and more importantly of huge benefit to multicultural clients.





Author : Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP