Feel COVID Safe With Us

Feel COVID Safe With Us

As we surpass ‘Freedom Day’ and proceed with many of the restrictions being lifted. The team at MP Architects LLP know that not everyone will be pleased about the new changes and the potential risk they may pose to your health.

We understand that some of our customers would prefer us to wear a mask and gloves and maintain good hand sanitation hygiene, we are of course happy to oblige. Our staff will carry a stock of ‘personal protective equipment and are happy to wear it both, inside and out. So, please do just ask.

We are committed to working together, to make one another feel safe.

Author : Jessica Parkes

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Partnering with Epping Forest Food Bank

A big thank you to the MP Architects LLP team. We are proud partners with the Epping Forest Food Bank. Our donations this week were gratefully received by the busy team preparing for an increase in demand. It is good to know that our efforts will go towards ensuring families, especially children, will have the basics they need over the school holidays.

Author : Jessica Parkes

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Another Appeal Success

Another appeal success for this delightful property.  After discussions with the Planning Inspectorate, permission was granted for a single-storey rear extension, incorporating the existing basement.Our RIBA Accredited Chartered Architect team gave a solid representation on behalf of our client.  We demonstrated how several similar outbuilding conversions on the same Estate, dating back to the nineteenth century, were deemed as appropriate development and within local Green Belt policies.MP Architects LLP delivered a realistic and viable project that was aesthetically sympathetic. It was decided that our design would make a positive contribution to the Estate and work has commenced.  

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Welcoming Emerging Talent

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Danielle Riley who joins our team as an Architectural Assistant. 

Danielle joins MP Architects LLP on a three-month placement as part of her third year of studying Architecture at Loughborough University.  Danielle will be responsible for working with the Architectural team to provide further support on surveys, design concepts, through to detailed design on a wide range of build projects.  

We are sure Danielle will find her time with MP Architects LLP both informative and rewarding.  The team look forward to sharing their expertise and providing an informed insight into the life and work at a professional, busy, and fun Essex based Architectural practice. 

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Designing a Sustainable Future

MP Architects LLP has an established long-term commitment to sustainable design and investing in the understanding of designing zero-carbon homes. 

We realise the importance of sustainability and that what we create today, will protect our tomorrows.

We are committed to supporting the Government targets to tackle climate change and help achieve eco-sustainable living. 

A focus for our team this month is to further educate ourselves on Net Zero Homes and create our new Eco Sustainable Charter.  

We will lead with purpose and stay devoted to supporting a sustainable future for all.

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Author : Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP https://www.martynpattie.co.uk/news/

Eco Living Magazine

We are delighted to feature in the property section of Eco-Living Magazine. A new and brilliantly put-together lifestyle sustainability publication promoting stylish and sustainable living.  We can all play our part in saving the planet for generations to enjoy. Making discerning choices in our everyday lives can make a big difference.

Affordable and Sustainable New Homes – Essex

Affordable and Sustainable New Homes – Essex

A pioneering planning proposal for Kemps Farm, South Ockendon has been approved to create an innovative local housing scheme of 27 custom-build dwellings.   This self-build project has been designed in line with the Government approved ‘Design Code’ blueprint. This new strategy supports the delivery of neighbourhoods with a greater level of quality and variety.  Each plot is allocated with planning permission authorised and the condition for MP Architects LLP to custom design the internal layout of the home from a library of pre-approved and sustainable building materials.  The new homes are designed with a range of stunning aesthetic finishes available using stylish components like zinc and timber. 
The exciting new model enables the buyer to design and build their dream home with originality and creativity at an affordable cost.   

Developer:                         LF100 consulting LTD 

Planning Consultants:        Iceni Projects 

Architects:                          MP Architects LLP 

Planning Appeal Success with MP Architects LLP

Home development projects are an exciting time, so having your planning application denied can be demoralising. 

Planning refusals and appeal processes on new homes, house extensions, or change of use projects are stressful and can be a complicated task to navigate, not to mention the negative impact on the momentum of your project. 

A refusal does not have to mean the end of the project. Our knowledgeable and trustworthy RIBA Accredited Chartered Architects will look at the hurdles and help you achieve a successful appeal. 

As an established local Architect, we provide a solid representation on your behalf to the local planning committee. We will review the refused application decision notice and officers’ report and work with you to make agreeable revisions.  

MP Architects LLP will lodge an appeal on your behalf with a written statement to the planning department detailing your ‘Grounds of Appeal’ that will contest the Council’s refusal, set out revisions and explain why planning permission should be granted.  We will monitor and report the appeal process and any progress to our client. 

Case Study 

An appeal to Brentwood Borough Council for the refusal of the demolition of an existing garage and construction of a two-bedroomed dwelling.  – MP Architects LLP Navid Hamzeheinejad RIBA Part III – BArch, DipArch, MArch

In a recent case for appeal where we inherited an original design created by another Architect, we prepared ‘Grounds of Appeal’ documents on behalf of our client to Brentwood Borough Council, addressing each refusal point in the officer’s report. 

Considering the desired attention to detail on improving the conservation, we proposed a slight reduction in width and height of the original design, including the side gable projection. Another focus of the appeal was to improve the original design and ensure it was in better keeping with a sympathetic approach to adjoining neighbours. The proposed change of material provided a better style and the revised layout secured separation from the neighbouring property and furthermore subservient to the adjoining and surrounding buildings. Planning permission was granted in May 2021 and work is commencing soon. 

Securing planning by an appeal can be a less daunting experience with our support.  MP Architects LLP has solid relationships with the local town planning departments and a long and successful history of winning appeals for planning cases throughout Essex and beyond. We can support you in securing planning permission either from the offset or with a planning appeal and keep your project moving forward. 

*On smaller home extension projects appeals must be submitted within 12 weeks of the last date of the planning decision. For a new dwelling or larger projects you have up to 6 months from the refusal date to appeal. 

Author : Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP https://www.martynpattie.co.uk/news/

MP Architects LLP appoints Raspberry Interiors

We are delighted to appoint Raspberry Interiors to our ‘preferred suppliers list’ for Interior Design. The Raspberry team demonstrates a solid understanding of our business and what we feel our clients need from on point, honest, Interior Design.  

Tracey and Abby are a mother and daughter partnership working from a beautiful studio in Shenfield. Both designers studied at KLC School of Design.

Tracey has been in the industry for over 25 years and has a wealth of expertise regarding all of the practical areas involved in interiors touching on structural knowledge. 

Abby makes it her focus to be aware of the interior trends supporting on-point, honest and practical design.

Raspberry offers a classic meets contemporary style, however, if given a specific brief they will deliver on any other genres and spirits.

The team are happy to join the project at any point, however, they do know that there is a value to working with the client and the Architectural team from the start of the process, offering sound advice on space planning, costing forecasts, and ideas on enhancing the flow and living vision of rooms, therefore, bringing each project to life. 

Raspberry Interiors use many sources to achieve individuality for every client. They also have solid relationships with various local trades with whom they work with regularly.  This gives the client confidence that they can provide an end-to-end interior service, ensuring the perfect finish.

We are excited to work together to create beautiful homes and brilliant rooms with personality and style.

Please contact MP Architects LLP to discuss your next home development project.

Author : Jessica Parkes. Read more articles for MP Architects LLP https://www.martynpattie.co.uk/news/

Meeting Alex Burghart MP for Brentwood and Ongar

Martyn Pattie meets MP for Brentwood and Ongar Alex Burghart

I was very pleased to meet with Alex Burghart, MP for Brentwood for Ongar last week.  It was wonderful to have the opportunity to engage directly, discuss the Ongar Community and ideas on how to bring the neighbourhood together.  We also enjoyed some positive conversations around housing and the future of local Architecture.  I look forward to meeting with Alex again in the near future and growing our relationship in the comng years.