Benefit from the advice of professional RIBA architects

Is your family growing and your home feeling smaller with not enough space to accommodate every member and their needs?  Fed up with fighting over one bathroom?

Perhaps you would you love some personal space away from teenagers and their friends and their television viewing choices?  Possibly you are running a business from home and need more workspace and storage, or you might need to create room to look after an elderly parent at home.  A member of the family might have met an unfortunate accident and can’t use the stairs anymore or you might need to accommodate wheelchair use.  You might suddenly be doing more home entertaining and would like to update and increase the size of your dining area

Whatever the reasons for the changes in your lifestyle throughout the years, you don’t necessarily have to move home to accommodate your needs if you don’t wish to.  Professional RIBA qualified architects will be able to give you a vision of how you can be more creative with your current living space.

House extensions might look simple but you will benefit from employing a qualified architect who has the experience and expertise to take your ideas forward for your house extension and practically apply them.  Professional architects will evaluate the condition of the house, if need be using latest technologies, they will bring years of experience, to the table.  They will have well established relationships with the local planning authorities which is useful should there be any queries, and will ensure that the planned extension is appropriate and in keeping for your property.

Whilst not always the cheapest option, a RIBA qualified architect will bring many years of training and expertise to your project.  Some clients have a flair for design and use of space, but they don’t have practical expertise, and you do need to expand the space without making the house unsafe or unstable.  Your finished house extension needs to be safe to use as well as beautiful to look at.  At Martyn Pattie Architects our qualified architects are happy to work collaboratively with you if that is your wish, but will bring their knowledge to the table and prevent you from possibly making potentially expensive errors.

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